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Cutting Machines

Perfect for cutting a wide range of materials, including metal, steel, copper, tube, wire rope and much more, our abrasive cutting machines are extremely fast and economical to run. We carry an extensive line of cutting machines that range from light duty saw machines all the way to large heavy duty saw machines. Our cutting machine line is designed and built to very high standards, while maintaining an affordable pricing structure.

Our manually operated abrasive cutting machines are designed to cut a wide variety of sizes and shapes of modern materials, including:

  • Hardened material cutting
    Hardened materials with a high carbon content are best cut with an abrasive cutoff saw using a soft wheel.

  • Steel and nickel alloy cutting
    Structural steel bars are best cut with dry cutting saws, while materials made with nickel alloys are best cut with wet cutoff saws.

  • Ferrous metal cutting
    Ferrous metals (that is, materials that contain an appreciable amount of iron) need a chop saw, or cutoff saw, made of all metal parts. This is because the heat produced by the blade hitting metal can melt plastic or burn wood. A wet abrasive cutoff saw by Everett, with its coolant tray and water ejector, can take the heat of the cut.

  • Non-ferrous metal cutting
    Non-ferrous metals are materials that do not contain iron. Some Non-ferrous cutting is done with wet cutting saws using Everett Non-Reinforced Rubber Bonded Cutting Wheels. Learn more about non-ferrous cutting.

  • Wire rope cutting
    Cutting wire rope requires holding the wire rope properly with a foot pedal operated chain hold-down vise. This action securely holds the wire rope when it is being cut. Learn about our wire rope abrasive saws.

  • Hydraulic hose cutting
    Wire braid, spiral reinforced and thermoplastic hoses require a fast dry cutting machine, like our Dry Cutting Spiral Hydraulic Hose Abrasive Cutoff Saw.

  • Metallurgical sample cutting
    This type of cutting is performed for the purpose of metal analysis. Our Wet Abrasive Cutoff Machines are perfect for metallurgical labs.

  • Stainless steel cutting
    All types of Everett abrasive saws- including dry and wet cutoff saws-provide stainless steel cutting. Stainless steel cutting includes stainless steel pipe cutting, rod cutting, bar cutting, and shapes. Learn more about stainless steel cutting.

  • Pipe cutting
    Everett Industries carries a full line of pipe cutting equipment. Depending on your project and materials, you can choose between dry pipe cutting machines, or wet cutting machines. Everett pipe cutting equipment gets the job done quickly, with a clean cut.

Each cutting machine is custom and professionally constructed. We can provide a cutting machine for any job and any application, whether it is at a manufacturing plant or an industrial fabrication worksite.

Our metal cutting saws have a wheel diameter range of 8 inches to 26 inches; a 1-inch to 6-inch solids capacity; a 1 ¾-inch to 7-inch shapes capacity; a special high-torque, totally enclosed, fan cooled motor; and feature an optional dust collector and a fume exhauster.

We manufacture both dry cutting machines and wet cutting machines in a range of sizes for a variety of materials and applications. Our 14- to 16-inch dry cutting saws can cut 1-inch angle iron in as little as 3 seconds, our 20- to 22-inch dry cutting saws can cut 2-inch steel pipe in 4 seconds and our 26-inch dry cutting saws can cut 12-inch channel in 40 seconds. Our wet cutting saws cut at speeds of 30 seconds per square inch of material.

Everett dry cutting machines

Everett wet abrasive cutting machines

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