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Pipe Cutting

When looking for the best machines for pipe cutting, Everett Industries can give you many options, so you can find the perfect pipe cutting equipment for your project. We carry a complete line of pipe cutting saws that are ideal for pipe cutting with all types of metal, including cutting stainless steel pipe, carbon steel pipe, non-ferrous metal pipe, plastic pipe, cast iron pipe and copper pipe. Our pipe cutting equipment delivers a cost effective and reliable solution for all types of metal pipe cutting. We maintain the highest industry standards for quality and cost for all of our metal saw products.

Our pipe cutting equipment delivers quality cuts to meet your industrial pipe cutting needs. Everett Industries has all you need for pipe cutting, offering a wide range of industrial pipe cutting saws, with the ability to cut pipes of various diameters, as well as round and square tubing.

Our pipe cutting saws are ideal for use in several industries, including high purity fabrication, food processing, chemical, petroleum, power generation, shipbuilding, offshore, pressure vessel manufacturing, process piping, structural and space frame fabrication.

We carry a line of pipe cutting equipment that is heavy duty, easy to set up, and designed for use in both industrial and manufacturing workshops and on-site. These pipe cutting saws effortlessly cut thick, heavy wall pipes and perform well in heavy duty applications.

Our abrasive cutoff saws have a wheel diameter range of 8 inches to 26 inches: a range from 1 -inch to 7-inch pipe capacity; a special high-torque, totally enclosed, fan cooled motor; and feature an optional dust collector and a fume exhauster, making them perfect for pipe cutting.

You can choose between our dry and wet pipe cutting equipment. Our dry pipe cutting saws can cut 2-inch steel pipe in as little as 4 seconds. Our wet pipe cutting saws cut at speeds of 30 seconds per square inch of material. We can cut most steel and metal pipe with our cutoff saws.

Everett Pipe Cutting Saw Advantages

  • Wet pipe cutting and dry pipe cutting
  • Multipoint clamping available to eliminate pipe cutting deformation
  • Easy setup regardless of pipe diameter
  • Easy saw operation for pipe cutting
  • Cut pipe fast
  • Highly reliable pipe cutting saws with a long working life
  • Heavy duty pipe cutting

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