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Abrasive Saw Videos

Take a closer look at Everett's abrasive saw product line with our "Severit with Everett" video playlist! Everettís dry cutoff saws, wet saws and multi-angle chop saws are all showcased in video snippets, demonstrating that our wire rope cutting, pipe cutting, hydraulic hose cutting, stainless steel cutting, non-ferrous cutting and metal cutting saws perform the best, last the longest and provide the most cutting value on the market today.

Introductory Video
Get to know Everett Industries! This brief introductory video gives viewers a glimpse of the top-flight companies that rely on Everettís abrasive saw product line and provides an overview of our cutting machine capabilities.

Dry Abrasive Cutoff Machines
Our custom constructed dry cutting saw machines range from light duty to large heavy duty cutoff saw machines.

10" Dry Abrasive Cutoff Machines
Perfect for tool rooms, our 10" dry chop saw provides pipe cutting up to 2" in diameter.

14"-16" Dry Abrasive Cutoff Machines
This size range of dry cutting saw machines comes in Straight, Miter and Double-Miter models.

20"-22" Dry Abrasive Cutoff Machines
Used in fabrication shops across the U.S., Everett 20"-22" chop saws cut up to 3" of solid material and 7" of most shapes.

26" Dry Abrasive Cutoff Machines
This massive cutoff machine features a 30 or 40 horsepower engine, depending on the customerís needs. An exclusive vibra-action oscillator is included in this abrasive saw model, resulting in an improved quality of cut, less burrs and increased cut off wheel life.

Wet Abrasive Cutoff Machines
Wet saws by Everett range in size from 10" to 26" wheel diameters for all types of metal cutting or steel cutting. Ideal for exotic alloy cutting and stainless steel cutting.

Multi-Angle Saws
Multi-angle chop saws are multi-talented! These abrasive saws cut aluminum window and door frames, as well as copper, brass and plastic.

Special Abrasive Cutoff Machines
This video spotlights a few of our special abrasive saws: our contactorís machine, a wire rope cutting machine and a spiral hydraulic hose cutting saw.

Dry Abrasive Mitering Machines
Make angle cuts up to 45° with most of our mitering machines, and up to 60° with a 20" dry cutting mitering machine.

Workholding Options
Single and double-action air vises, quick-action cam lock vises, T-slot vises, work bench screw clamps and v-shaped chain hold down vises are available for all types of metal cutting and pipe cutting.

Cutting Machine Options
Everett machine options assist metal cutting saws with various protections and cutting power enhancers. These saw options include vibra-action oscillators, hydraulic power heads, patented dust collector-fume exhausters, cabinets and hoods.

Cutting Machine Video/Contact Us
This video features Bill Everett, President and Owner of Everett Industries, Inc. Contact him for all your wet cutting machine and dry cutting saw needs! Call toll-free: 800-637-7297 or 877-582-4135.

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